2018 Women's March

On January 13th, 2018, young women's lifestyle blog Babe.net dropped an article featuring Aziz Ansari and his controversial encounter with a young woman we now know as "Grace." When I read the story I was immediately confused.. Shocked... And more than a little defensive. "This shit is getting crazy," I thought. "They've gotta draw the line somewhere, and this dude is getting his career ruined." So I invited a "respectful conversation with some open-minded feminists" on my Facebook time line.  And hot damn-- it was off to the races. After reading and replying to hundreds of comments and asking dozens of questions, I realized that I had a lot to learn (you can read the rest of my thoughts here). 


The following Saturday, fittingly,  happened to be the anniversary of the Women's March, with hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers marching through Manhattan in protest of our misogynistic Cheetoh-in-Chief and in support of women's rights and the #metoo movement. So I went with my videographer friend Andy Hawkes to ask a pressing question: What does consent look like in the bedroom?


Here's the result of that conversation.

Afika Nxumalo